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News! Early check-in

News! Early check-in

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Register yourself and your passengers

The EU Directive on travelling more than 30 nautical miles by sea requires that you register yourself and your fellow passengers, stating name, nationality, gender and date of birth, every time you travel across the Kattegat on a MOLSLINJEN ferry.

This means that you must include information about yourself and anyone else travelling in your car when you book a ticket for MOLSLINJEN.

You can register the details about yourself and your fellow passengers in the booking flow when you book your ticket. Your details will be sent to the Danish Maritime Authority, stored during the crossing and deleted automatically when you disembark.

To make bookings for future crossings as quick and easy as possible, you can create a travel profile in advance, including details about yourself and any fellow passengers. Click here for further information about the EU directive and the travel profile. The travel profile is only available on the Danish website. 

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You now have six months to change your tickets

MOLSLINJEN would like to give you a helping hand in these uncertain times, when it can be difficult to make any plans in advance. 

We are now giving you six months to change your tickets. This also applies to tickets you may already have bought.

This means that you can transfer your ticket to any other crossing with our ferries, and you can change your ticket to a crossing up to six months after your original travel date. The only condition is that you purchase and change your ticket before 12 midnight on 31 March 2022. 

If you transfer your ticket, you will need to pay our standard change fee and any difference in price between the original ticket and the new one. 

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Check-in early and get onboard faster!

You now have the option to check-in for your upcoming trip from home! This means that you get onboard the ferries as easy and quick as possible.

When using early check-in, you receive all your tickets digitally so you can breeze right through the check-in terminals and onboard the ferries, without using the ticket machines in the ferry port. If you booked food and/or a lounge access, you will receive your vouchers on email along with your ferry tickets.

Already booked a ticket and didn’t check the box labelled “check-in”? Dont worry! You will receive an email 24 hours before departure with a direct link, where you can check-in beforehand and, if needed, make last minute changes to your reservation.

Foot passengers can also use early check-in and check-in beforehand. If you are travelling as foot passenger, you still need scan your ticket at the check-in gate.

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The Ferry has moved to Færgevej 7A!

We have moved to the new ferry terminal in Aarhus! 
At the new port, we have done all we can to make your travel between Jutland and Zealand as easy and comfortable as possible. 

You can find all you need to know about the new harbour here. 

How you get there, and what it means for your travel. 

We are looking forward to welcome you on board at the new ferry terminal at Østhavn. 


The new port

Download our app!

The MOLSLINJEN app for iOS and Android gives you a full overview of all departures and enables you to book your next crossing with MOLSLINJEN, BORNHOLMSLINJEN, ALSLINJEN, LANGELANDSLINJEN, SAMSØLINJEN and FANØLINJEN in just seconds.

It's easy to book and change your ticket. And with the app, you also have access to a range of optional purchases that help make your trip even better.

The app is called MOLSLINJEN and is available for both iOS and Android. Click on the link below to read more, and download the app. 


Molslinjen app

Remember your face covering

You need to bring face covering for your travel with the ferry. The face covering must be worn on the entire journey and can only be removed when eating and drinking. 

Travel safely with MOLSLINJEN

In order to ensure that you have a good crossing over Kattegat, MOLSLINJEN has introduced a number of measures to protect both passengers and crews from the current challenge posed by COVID-19.

We have set up distance markers different places on board, and we are prioritising hygiene and disinfection measures, and there are free sanitising stations around all of our ferries. 

These initiatives help us all ensure that we have a good and safe crossing.

Read more about the different initiatives below. 


Travel Safely

What does ‘Kombardo’ mean?

If you don't speak Danish, you may wonder what the word ‘Kombardo’ means when you see it on MOLSLINJEN. Kombardo is Jylland dialect for ‘kom bare du’ which, in this context, means ‘you next’ and is our way of saying ‘welcome aboard’! It is also MOLSLINJEN’s slogan.

The slogan was coined by our staff in hi-viz jackets who have a habit of saying ‘Kombardo’ when they wave vehicles onto the ferry.  

The catch phrase has now been embraced by the entire MOLSLINJEN, and ‘Kombardo’ is an attestation of our service and care for the guests on board our ferries.

Does it make more sense now? Then.... Kombardo!

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