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General terms and conditions

The following General Terms and Conditions apply to purchases from MOLSLINJEN A/S, CVR no. 17881248.

The General Terms and Conditions apply from November 10th 2021.

General terms and conditions

Conditions of Carriage

Carriage of passengers, cars and baggage is carried on our ferries or by our chartered ferry according to MOLSLINJEN A/S's General Terms and Conditions, which are available at

In addition to this, the present Conditions of Carriage apply during your stay on board the ferry.

These Conditions of Carriage apply from December 18th 2018.

Conditions of Carriage

Passenger rights

We are following Regulation (EU) no. 1177/2010 about passenger rights regarding travels by sea and travels on inland waterways, these apply since December the 18th, 2012. 

Summary of the stipulations concerning the rights of passengers, can be seen by following the link to EU'S summary to the right of this page.