Museum of Copenhagen

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Learn about the city’s history and explore the large, interactive model of the city

Visit the new Museum of Copenhagen, just behind Copenhagen City Hall

Are you looking for an activity for the whole family, where everyone can learn more about the history of the city of Copenhagen? Then, the Museum of Copenhagen is an obvious choice. A visit to the museum’s new exhibition is like walking through the city itself and its history – from the first evidence of human life to today. The exhibition is built around 14 of the city’s salient points. Explore finds from the late Viking era, which show that there was a major city on this spot long before Bishop Absalon turned up; listen to stories about the Swedish assault on Copenhagen and about the ravage of the plague; and have a chat about schools in the olden days in the Bispebjerg Room. The large, interactive model offers an excellent panorama of Copenhagen, and you will learn lots of fun facts about the city, such as how many different species of fish you will find in Copenhagen’s harbour and the favourite dishes of Copenhageners.

Interactive city model constructs a narrative
Interactive installations, sounds, voices and videos bring you close to the people and the history: try out the complicated greetings people used in the 18th century, and understand their role in the pursuit of status. Listen to the story of Morten Frederiksen who became famous for his successful escape attempts from the city’s jails and for his brutal punishments. Watch “Battle for the City”, a video that tells of the clashes between demonstrators, police and residents in the decades up to the year 2000. And, lastly, no city museum without a city model: one of the absolute highlights of the museum is the new large, interactive model of Copenhagen, with panorama.

Browse around the museum shop
Snap up an original Copenhagen gift from the museum shop, which stocks everything from beautiful postcards and books about the city to unique jewellery. Or relax at one of the café tables and digest the impressions of your visit while you enjoy the urban garden in front of the museum. With its beautifully painted beamed ceilings and ornate arches, the museum building – the former Public Trustee’s Office (Overformynderi) built in 1894 – itself is worth a visit.

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The Museum of Copenhagen is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm