Zleep Hotels

Get a 20% discount with MOLSLINJEN

Where are you gonna sleep tonight?

Have an extra good night’s sleep when you are travelling by staying at one of Zleep Hotels’ 12 hotels in Denmark and Sweden. You will receive a 20% discount on your stay if you show your MOLSLINJEN ticket. If you wish to claim your discount, you must use the ticket no later than 30 days after your crossing with the high-speed ferries.

Focus on a good night’s sleep
With superior, high-quality beds and bedding, Zleep Hotels’ highest priority is to give you a good night’s sleep. You can relax in stylish Danish design in all of the new hotels, where quality is the prime consideration.

There is plenty of parking at Zleep’s hotels, so there will be no need to search around for a parking space after a long day on the road. It is free to park in most of the parking spaces. Many of the hotels are situated close to a motorway and are easily accessible.

If you wish to start your day with a healthy breakfast, you can visit the hotel’s breakfast buffet. The dishes are predominantly organic, and you can pay for it when you reserve your room. The buffet offers a variety of breads, cold cuts, eggs, oats, yoghurt, juice and water as well as a broad range of tea and organic, fairtrade coffee.

How to book with a discount
You can book your next stays at Zleep Hotels and enter the discount code PROMOLS21.

To make use of this offer, you must book your stay no later than 30 days after your crossing with MOLSLINJEN.

There is one discount per crossing. However, it is of course valid for more than one night or more than one room at the same hotel.

The offer applies on all days, although it is subject to availability.

Please send a copy of your ferry ticket or receipt to booking@zleep.com before you arrive at the hotel.

Sleep well