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How does COVID-19 affect your crossing?

In order to ensure that you have a good crossing over Kattegat, MOLSLINJEN has introduced a number of measures to protect both passengers and crews from the current challenge posed by COVID-19.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, MOLSLINJEN has adjusted its capacity. 

There are further details below about how the coronavirus situation may affect your crossings.

Wear face covering when you move around on the ferry

Remember your face covering

The authorities have made mask wearing mandatory on all public transport. This also applies to MOLSLINJENs ferries.

The face covering must be worn when you move around on the ferry, or on your way between the car deck and the passenger deck.
When you are seated on board you can remove the face covering.

The face covering requirement does not apply to children under the age of 12, to individuals with breathing problems or impaired consciousness, or those with physical or mental disabilities who are unable to remove the face covering themselves.

Face covering in public transportation

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Initiatives for your safety

Denmark is in the process of opening up – and that means more passengers on our ferries. We have adjusted the capacity on board each departure so that there is sufficient room if it is important for a passenger to have a space with some physical distance. The crew will always be able to help you here.

More passengers on the ferries means that we need to be good at helping each other and giving each other space. We ask you to comply with the recommendations of the Danish Health Authority as well as general advice on preventing infection, and we would be grateful if you would show consideration for your fellow passengers during the crossing.

We have set up distance markers on board, and we are prioritising hygiene and disinfection measures. We have set up free sanitising stations around all of our ferries.

We have also set up screens to protect you and the crew and we control the ‘traffic’ around the buffet where hand sanitiser and gloves are permanent items on the menu. Menus stuck to the table mean that they can no longer be passed around.

These initiatives help us all ensure that we have a good and safe crossing.


Important information

Remain in your vehicle during the crossing

What to do if you are in a special risk group.

If you have a particular need to protect yourself from COVID-19, we have made an exception and are allowing passengers to stay in their vehicles during the crossing. You can stay in your vehicle if you are ill or suffering from COVID-19 or if you are in a special risk group due to your age or state of health.

For permission to stay in your vehicle on the car deck, you must request this when you book your ticket or call Customer Service on +45 70 10 14 18. If you have already booked your ticket, you can add this option to your reservation on the website under ‘Change ticket’.

If you have selected ‘Remain in vehicle’, you must check in at the port no later than 15 minutes before departure.

Please note that you are not permitted to leave your vehicle at any time during the crossing without contacting a member of the crew. This applies to all passengers in the vehicle.

Space on the car deck is limited, and you should note that the car deck is not a pleasant to be in cold weather or rough seas.

If you have not booked ‘Remain in vehicle’ before you board, you must stay on the passenger deck during the crossing.

We reserve the right to cancel your reservation to stay in your vehicle on the car deck if the weather is bad.

Important: Even though you remain in the car, you are still required to bring a mouth covering in case it is nessesary to leave the car.

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In these coronavirus times, when everything is uncertain, it is important that you know we are here!

If you have any questions, our Customer Service is open, and we will do our very best to answer your questions as quickly and correctly as possible – but please be patient. We receive a lot of calls. Thank you for your understanding if you experience longer waiting times.

You can contact us directly at or on +45 70 10 14 18 during our opening hours, which are from 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Saturday, and from 9 am to 6 pm on Sundays.

Our Facebook page is manned on all weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm.